Officer's Responsibilities


The President shall have general supervision of the affairs of the Chapter and shall perform the duties usual to his/her office. He/she shall preside at regular meetings and meetings of the Executive Committee. He/she shall be ex-officio a member of all committees and of all sub-committees thereof. He/she shall chair the “Chairman Search Committee” to identify candidates for nomination to the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Chapter. In addition, he/she shall be responsible for the general supervision of the Nominating Committee and any special committees established by the President.

Chapter Executive Vice President

The Executive Vice President shall assist the President in fulfilling the requirements of that office and shall assume full authority and duties of the President in the event of his/her absence. As requested by the President, the Executive Vice President may coordinate the activities of Chapter Officers and lead Special Committees. Given the President becomes incapacitated for any reason, the Executive Vice President will become the "Interim President" while the Board of Directors implements its process for selecting a new Chapter President.

Model Chapter of the Year Requirements
The Executive Vice President shall responsible for overseeing Vice Presidents and Directors in pursuit of Model Chapter of the Year goals.


The Secretary's primary responsibility is to maintain accurate records, reports and minutes for monthly Executive Committee meetings, Board of Director meetings, and other special meetings. The Secretary will establish standard templates for meeting minutes and committee reports. Minutes will be presented to the President for approval. The Chapter Secretary shall in the month of February each year file with the Association Secretary in the form prescribed, an annual report of the Chapter activities, finances, obligations, number of meetings held, scholarship and/or award programs and other matters consistent with the objectives of AFCEA.


The Treasurer will Chair the Finance Committee and act as an advisor to the chapter and Board of Directors concerning all financial matters within the Chapter and will also act as the Chapter Treasurer. All Chapter committee budgets will be submitted to and validated by the Finance Committee. The Finance Committee will use these inputs to prepare a Chapter budget for the year to be approved by the Chapter President and Board of Directors. Once approved, the Chapter Treasurer will manage the chapter finances against the budget and report significant discrepancies to the President. The Finance Committee will complete an audit of all accounts annually and present its findings to the Board of Directors and Executive Committee. The Finance Chairperson shall be the custodian of all funds of the Chapter under the direction of the Executive Committee, to include AFCEA InfoTech and the Chapter Technical Education Assistance Endowment, and shall render regular updates and an annual report to the Executive Committee and Board of Directors. Additionally, the Finance Chairperson shall prepare and submit special reports on annual and special programs as may be requested by the Executive Committee.

Vice President of Information

The Vice President of Information is responsible for the time and accurate capture, dissemination and retention of chapter information. He/she is solely responsible for advancing the Dayton-Wright Chapter and AFCEA “brand” awareness. He/she shall appoint the following positions: Director of Publicity, Office of the Historian, Office of the Web Master.

Vice President of Chapter Operations

The Vice President for Chapter Operations is the chapter interface with Chapter Services at AFCEA International Headquarters. He/she shall be ex-officio member of the Awards, Education, and Finance Committees and is responsible for the general supervision of these committees.

Vice President of Membership

The Vice President of Membership is responsible for all aspects of tracking and maintaining membership data to ensure a net increase of membership for the Chapter. This includes coordination and implementation of membership drives, communication with expired or soon-to-expire members, and coordination with AFCEA International to gain assistance with local membership issues. He/she will also work very closely with the Vice President for Enlisted Affairs to ensure that demographic of members continues to grow within the chapter. He/she shall appoint the following positions: Director of Individual memberships, Corporate and Small Business memberships, Young AFCEAn Director.

Vice President of Programs

The Programs Vice President is responsible for arranging programs required to meet the objectives of the Chapter. He/she will have the responsibility to appoint committee leads for annual and special programs and be held accountable for expected operational and financial results. These leads must come from local chapter membership or join upon acceptance of the leadership position. Committee leads have the authority to select as many committee members as necessary to ensure program success. He/she shall appoint the following positions: Director of Arrangements, Director of Special Events, Director of Protocol, Conference Chairperson.

Vice President of Networking

The Vice President of Networking is responsible for establishing relationships with military, civic, industry and professional organizations to further the goals and objectives of the Dayton-Wright Chapter and AFCEA. He/she should develop programs that will facilitate the collaboration among the various entities mentioned above. He/she shall appoint the following positions: Director of Government Networking, Director of Civic Interaction, Director of Professional Organizations.

Vice President of Enlisted Affairs

The Enlisted Affairs Vice President is responsible for administering the Chapter’s Enlisted Scholastic Assistance (ESA) Program. Responsibilities include establishing the annual budget for scholastic assistance in conjunction with the Vice President for Chapter Operations (and the Education Committee). Additionally, he/she will coordinate with the Vice President of Membership to encourage representation of enlisted personnel within the chapter, its offices, and activities and to develop and support membership activities and events to encourage enlisted personnel membership. He/she shall appoint others to an Enlisted Affairs Committee to support the objectives of Enlisted Affairs.

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